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Who we are

Socialrithmic is on a mission to explore exciting new social networks; to dig deep into the data; to boldly go where no brands have gone before.

GoPixel is our powerful publishing and analytics platform which will supercharge your Pinterest marketing, giving your audience an enhanced new experience, and brands the ROI you have been looking for.

GoPixel is a Socialrithmic production, created by former Microsoft Bing engineering mavericks, backed by Europe's first £1m accelerator, ignite100, and a select group of Venture Capital dons in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Press Contact:
Dominic Tarn

Peter Chang Co-founder & CEO

Peter waved goodbye to the corporate world, jumped on a plane with Aamer, and launched GoPixel in the crazy confines of the ignite100 loft. You can always find Peter thinking up crazy new features for GoPixel, and maybe on a good day even write a few lines of code.

Peter Chang
The Visionary
Aamer Abbas Co-founder & CTO

Aamer worked with Peter at Microsoft, before they decided to go on this crazy adventure which would take them half way round the world. Now he codes with all the skill of a Jedi Master, making GoPixel the most powerful Pinterest publishing platform ever created!

Aamer Abbas
The Architect
John Chang Head of Strategic Development

John brings over 10 years digital media account management experience to GoPixel. Previously he managed $40m in partnerships for Yahoo! Leaving the corporate world behind, John will run our global strategic partnerships from sunny California. When he isn't fishing for clients he's fishing for Marlin in Baja.

John Chang
The Fisherman
Rameez Jawaid Frontend Developer

Rameez is sticking with the ninja identity for now.

Rameez Jawaid
The Code Ninja
Katlin Sandvik Web Designer

Katlin is an enigma from Estonia, with all the style and grace of an agent on a covert mission. Katlin in-fact makes GoPixel beautiful. She denies the fact that she is a spy, but freely admits she is a nomad, usually living out of suitcases as she travels frequently.

Katlin Sandvik
The Artist
Zhongxue Chen Backend Developer

Zongxue writes some pretty awesome code. Now he must write something about himself.

Zhongxue Chen
The Hacker
Your Name Here

Contact us if you want to become a part of the wonderful GoPixel team!

Dominic Tarn Head of Marketing

Dominic is a fast-talking, grinning, joking, plays-his-music-in-the-sun kind of guy, who some people have called a space cowboy. He met Peter and Aamer when conducting interviews for his book, The New Goldrush, and thought GoPixel was so cool he had to join them. Dominic, aged 26, is still figuring out his way around an oven.

Dominic Tarn
The Word